Hold on now: the world of web is crippled by new Tokidoki products, made in One Target. Take a look at shop.tokidoki.it!.Irreverent, colorful and trendy as usual, but with a new design really charming! One of the best license of One Target, which success will continue to increase!


Welcome to the new entries of One Target licenses portfolio! It’s a pleasure to present the new SANRIO CHARACTERS: Not only Hello Kitty, but also Gudetama, the insolent and lazy egg, Badtzmaru, the spiteful penguin which comes from Hawaii, Pompompurin, the friendly light brown dog, and finally Little Twin Stars, loved by everyone and who want to instill universal virtues.


We are ready to present our new fashion collection! 1 A Bunch of Things I cannot live without is the new entry of One Target licenses. Federico Toniolo, a very young designer, created the brand in 2015 with the goal to show how elegance, sophistication and design could be matched to better represent the greatness of the Made In Italy.




La Pina - I Love Tokyo

On April 3, La Pina's book 'I Love Tokyo' came out for Vallardi, where she will tell you what he likes most in the world after his husband: Japan! For the occasion, One Target SA has collaborated and produced some wonderful Gadgets, of which part of the proceeds will go into charity..

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